Monday, 30 June 2014

Durian (16th - 18th June 2014)

Hello! Today I am very excited to tell you about the fruit that I like the most. It is durian, do you know durian? Actually it is endemic food that only available in Southeast Asia. Durian is distinctive for its large size, strong odour, and formidable thorn-covered husk. This fruit can grow as large as 30 centimeters (12 inches) long and 15 centimeters (6 inches) in diameter, and it typically weighs one to three kilograms (2 to 7 lbs). Its shape range from oblong to round, the colour of its husk green to brown, and its flesh pale yellow to red, depending on the species.

I live in Indonesia, and there is so many kinds of durian here such as Durian Sidodol at South Kalimantan, Durian Bokor at West Java, Durian Gantalmas at North Sumatra, etc. Durian tastes so nice. In Indonesia, there is also have Durian weather. Hahahaha.

On 16th June, my parents and I went to Penang, Malaysia. The taxi driver said that there were so many durians in Penang during May to August. My daddy is a durian lover, so he asked the driver where to buy the best durian at that place. 

In the evening when we wanted to have dinner, we walked along Macalister street to find food to eat. Then we found durian stall beside a steamboat restaurant. We had our dinner there and it is the best night ever. There are some kinds of durian and you can't find it anywhere except Penang.

Each of them taste very nice and they have their own taste.
For Or Chi, it tastes almost the same like Durian Gantalmas in North Sumatra, Indonesia, but it has a bit bitter that make it so nice. Its flesh also very thick and as you see the color is between yellow and orange, so nice, huh? This is the cheapest durian there. It just RM35/kg or about IDR129,500. Then this is the first year that they sell Or Chi. The seller said that in the past year, Or Chi was not able to sell in public. This kind of durian just for the rich people there and the farm also owned by one of the rich people there. However, the owner had died last year so this durian is available for public now!

This is Luri Chocolate, this is the most unique durian ever. It has chocolate smell. Can you believe it? Durian with chocolate taste? You should try it.

 This is Musang King! It smells so nice and like what I said, I think it tastes like pineapple. Go and try this one. This is about RM45/kg. Its flesh is gold color.

This is Kirby Chi. This is the best durian for those who loves wine. This durian smells wine and can make people a bit drunk and dizzy. This durian has a pale-color flesh. However, it is tasty. It is about RM35/kg

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Penang Char Kwey Teaw

Penang Char Kwey Teaw

This is a noodle that made from flavor and it is thin and wide. Usually people will cook it with seafood or chicken, actually it is up to you want to cook it with what. This fried noodles has it own taste. I love it so much. You can find it easily in Penang, Malaysia. It is available almost every corner of the roads. However, I recommend you to eat Penang Char Kwey Teaw at Lorong Selamat, Jalan Macalister. It is so nice and you will like it, everytime I go to Penang I will find this noodles first. It is cheap, just about 4 or RM5.


Let me tell you a bit about me and this Char Kwey Teaw

Since small, I was sick because my lungs are full of water, so I was hospitalized at Penang. I should go to Penang every year to check up myself and would udergo through a bad therapy to cure my disease. I hate being there, not only suffer because of the therapy, the food in the hospital also not delicious, no taste at all. I hate the food in the hospital. 

One day, I asked my mom to take me walk around the hospital because I was so bored in my room. Then I went to the children playground to play with the other children, I don't know they are sick or healthy but the only thing I remember is I played happily with them. When I took a rest, my mom brought me to the canteen to have some drink. I went there and bought some boxes of milk and tea. Finished my drink, then I went back to play. While I was playing, suddenly I smelled something so nice. I turned my head around and looked for the source of the nice smell. A woman was spoon-feeding her child with that noodles. Then I just called my mom and asked her to buy that fried noodles for me, but my mom said that I might not eat that noodles first, because I was sick and she promised me that she would buy it for me when I'd recovered. 

Few years later, I am healthy and doctor said there is nothing to worry about my lungs anymore. I am so happy and I asked my mom to go to eat Char Kwey Teaw. We went to the food stall near the hospital, it smells so nice.

Since that time, every time I come to Penang, I will find this Char Kwey Teaw first. But why should eat at Lorong Selamat? Maybe this is the question that you guys wanna ask. I recommend the Char Kwey Teaw at Lorong Selamat, because it is the most delicious one that I ever eat. Last year when I went to Penang to check up, my cousin said that she want to eat at Lorong Selamat, we went there for lunch and I ordered Char Kwey Teaw. Since then, I am in love with Char Kwey Teaw at Lorong Selamat. 

I hope that all of you gonna taste this Char Kwey Teaw and feel the same like me.
Have a happy tummy!
God bless!

Thank you for reading. Sorry for the mistakes, I am still amateur in writing. Thank you very much.

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Actually I am not new in blogger but I am using my new account now. I've forgotten my password so I can't use it anymore. This blog I named it "Chocolate Pumpkin" because I think I want to start to be a food blogger so I choose a name that related with food. Chocolate pumpkin? Maybe some of you may ask why I choose that name, actually I also don't know I choose it, I also never eat any pumpkin yet. 

Okay, as usual, I am always introducing myself first. 
I am Cynthia, you also can call me Sese. I am Chinese, live in Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia. I love to draw, write, travel every nice and unique place that full with its culture, watch movie and sometime I love to read books, especially comic books. Anyway, I am here is to share everything about myself especially that is related with food. I just start to be a food blogger and also a food hunter.

Why I want to be a food blogger? Hahaha. Everything start since I love to eat so much and wanna share everything I eat to people around me. Another reason is I want to tell you the story behind the food, maybe why I love the food so much or my private experience that related to the food. 

Actually I also love to cook, but no one teach me how to cook well, so everything I cook is just simple and not like in a luxurious restaurant or make by professional chef, it also dont taste very good, it tastes different everytime I cook, sometime to sweet or salty and sometime too spicy. I am really bad in cooking. 

But, the things I will share here is a fantastic food that is really recommended to all of you. I swear, I will make you fat because the food is delicious and make you want more and more! Hahaha. 

At first, I want to say sorry because I can't post the food really often, I am girl and I want to keep my body slim, so I won't so often to eat delicious food. Hehe. I promise that I will post everything delicious and you will be easy to find it then it will be cheap. Will be suitable for students.

Thank you for reading, I will post some nice food soon!
Have a good day and God bless you!