Saturday, 12 July 2014

Wun Thun Mee (Penang) or Mie Pansit (Medan) ?

Good afternoon, everybody! Today I want to share about Mie Pansit or just the same as Wun Thun Mee. This is one of my favorite foods. There is noodles, eggs, meat, and some vegetables. In Penang, Malaysia there is a different type Mie Pansit. Its soup is brown color. If in Medan it is white. However, you should try Wun Thun Mee in Penang, it is really recommended. If in Medan, it is just a usual food, not really tasty, just ordinary.

Left side is Wun Thun Mee from Penang and the right side is Mie Pansit from Indonesia.

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