Tuesday, 22 December 2015

What is the meaning of life? How precious is it?

Hi, it has been a while since the last time I blogged. 
It is in the end of 2015 already. I just want to say Merry Christmas 2015 and Happy New Year 2016.
May everyone's wishes come true, 2016 may be a wonderful year that fully filled with grace.

However, I am here right now not only just to say those things. I also want to share a story that I just heard from my Chinese teacher which may help you to understand what is life, what is the meaning, and how precious is it. Please keep reading till the end, and leave some comments. Here is the story...

In the middle of the forest, there is an isolated temple. One evening, a little monk asked an old monk
"Shifu, what is the meaning of life? How precious is our life?"
The old monk didn't reply his questions but he said "Right now, you go to sleep and tomorrow in the early morning, come to see me, I will tell you." The little monk quickly ran into his room and hope the next day will come soon.

In the early morning, the little monk woke up and quickly prepared himself then he looked for the old monk. "Shifu, I woke up and ready to know your answer now." The old monk said nothing and just looked at him then smile. Curiously, the little monk asked again, "what is the meaning of life and how precious is it, shifu?" Then the old monk said, "Do you really want to know?" the little monk nodded his head. "Today, you pick a big rock, then go to the market and sit there. If there is someone talk to you, just take the rock back and come home." He agreed and quickly go to the market.

He picked a big rock while on his way to the market, he was sitting for the whole day and no one talked to him. However, he is an obey child, so he do what the old monk said. He kept waiting and suddenly there is a woman came approached him. "Do you sell this rock? I need this rock, can I buy it for $10?" The little monk was shocked, the rock that he picked from the road could cost $10. He hurriedly brought the rock back home, like what the old monk said.

Arrived back at the temple, he was happily and said "Shifu, Shifu, the rock i picked from the road just now can cost $10. A woman wanted to buy it just now, but I didn't sell it and quickly come back." Shifu then replied "Good boy, then tomorrow you still take the same rock to the rich people's residence. Do the same like I told you this morning, sit there and come back when someone talked to you." Without asking any questions, the little monk went back to his room and took a rest.

The next day, the little monk go to the rich people's residence. Sitting in a corner of a road and waiting for someone who will talked to him. In the early evening, seemed a man just came back from his office came out from his car and approached this little monk. Suddenly this man said "Hey, little monk! I want to buy the rock that you're holding. I think it is a precious rock. I will pay $100 for it." Little monk so confused. Yesterday the rock cost $10 and now this guy want to pay $100 for this rock. He said nothing, packed his things and hurriedly went back to the temple.

"Shifu, shifu, today the rock is cost $100. Why you asked me to come back after someone talked to me? What is the connection with my questions?" The old man then said, "you will know the answer soon, just do what I asked you to do. Take a rest, and you will go somewhere else tomorrow."

The little monk woke up with full of curiosity. He asked the old monk where will he go that day. "Still bringing the same rock, you sit in front of an antique shop. Do the same thing. After this, I will tell you the answer." Arrived in the antique shop, he sat down in front of it. Not long after that, in the afternoon there was and old man came to him and said "Your rock is so ancient. It should have been more than 10.000 years. The texture, the lines of the rock, everything is perfect. I will buy it for $1.000.000." The little monk was more confuse.

While he on his way home, he kept thinking why people so fool to buy this rock that he picked from the road with such a big prize. He kept thinking and finally he realised. The price of the rock is depends where he brought the rock. The rock is the life we had. The meaning and the precious of life, depends on where we bring our life to. If we bring our life to the market place, then our life is only precious as the market goods (few dollars). The meaningful and precious of life, depends on how we put our own standard of life.

Thank you for reading my sharing. Hope you can understand and this article may change people's life. Success is not about how much you get from the society, but it is about how much you give back to the society, because success people will not afraid to share due to sharing is not losing. God bless you.

Monday, 20 April 2015

Shellen's birthday

Long time no see!!!

Hello everybody, tonight i have a good time to share some photos of mine.

My good friend was having her sweet 17th birthday party on Saturday, 18th April 2015. 
I am proud of having good people around and also, of course, good food and sweets!

Here are some friends that I had a chit chat with that night!
Favorite appetizer ever!

 Puff Pastry with Mushroom Cream Soup

I had no time to take a pic of the main food, so i just took a pic the food that on my desk.

And this is my favorite part!

It is almost 9 here. So, I need to go to sleep because I should go to school tomorrow. I'll share more food in Indonesia especially in Medan soon! Stay tune and have a happy tummy! xo.